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Can I take an enema in the case of piles / fissures / haemorrhoids?

Yes, but you have to do so with utmost care. Please do not use the regular enema tip in this situation. There is a special rubber catheter (available at any chemist, image attached below), which is softer and thus safer in case of piles. This catheter can fit inside the tip which is provided along with the enema.

If you are still feeling hesitant, or experience even slight pain or bleeding while taking an enema, then immediately stop the enema. We should not cause any violence to the body. Please follow the rest of the principles of the Satvic lifestyle - wet pack, 16-hour fasting, sunbathing, pranayama and the Satvic food plan.

After 3 months of religiously following the Satvic lifestyle, there will be an improvement in your condition of piles. Once improved, you can try the enema again. If it is absolutely comfortable (no pain or bleeding), you can continue it using the rubber catheter.