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We do not recommend paneer, cheese, ghee, butter, or buttermilk because it is made of animal milk. What's the issue with animal milk? We explain in 3 reasons below :

1. Adulteration - The commercial milk that we’re getting today is hardly even milk. It is a white liquid heavily treated with contaminants such as urea, starch, caustic soda, detergents, white paint, and refined oil. These contaminants are deliberately added to milk as they provide thickness, preserve milk and increase the volume of milk to make more milk, fast. 

2. Mistreatment & torture of cows - in the passage of time, the demand for dairy and dairy products around the world exceeded the natural capability of cows producing milk. This leads the farmers to torture the cows through hormonal injections to produce more milk. The calves are separated from their mother cows and they don't get the milk they deserve. Imagine if the same happened with a human mother. Her child is separated from her and her breast milk is taken away for commercial use. Hence the cows fall extremely sick & get depressed. How can we humans stay healthy by drinking the milk of such sick cows

3. Our inability to digest milk - Even if we get 100% pure milk, straight from our own cow, we cannot digest it if we are living a sedentary lifestyle. Milk is a very heavy food by nature. It takes an immense amount of energy to digest it. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who do not work out for more than an hour a day or those who are curing a disease. If milk is impure, anything made from milk such as paneer, ghee, chaas is as impure.