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What are the benefits of sun gazing? Can I do it even if I do not have a disease?

Sungazing will benefit you immensely, whether you are suffering from a disease or not.

Mother Nature has gifted our brain with immense power & abilities, but we are hardly able to use 2% - 3% of it. We spend most of our days indoors in the absence of sunlight and fresh air, due to which our brain doesn't work up to its true potential. This is the reason why we suffer from so many mental & psychosomatic diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. 

Sunlight is like electricity for our brain. If our brain receives this power supply, it can do wonders. And, sunlight can reach the brain fastest through our eyes. The eyes are an extended part of the human brain.

Gazing at the sun for 10 minutes every day will bring you great benefits
-It will improve your willpower and fasting will naturally become easy.
-It will help you improve your eyesight immensely
-Your mind will become clearer, balanced & calmer
-Problems like anxiety, insomnia, depression will disappear