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What is the right way to do pranayama?

We recommend a form of non-violent pranayama which is extremely beneficial as well gentle for our respiratory system. 

It involves 5 stages and you can do 10-12 rounds of it as per your own convenience.

5 Stages of Non-Violent Pranayama-

1. Rechak Kreeya (Blocking one nostril and exhaling from the other nostril)
2. Braham Kumbhak (Blocking both nostrils and holding breath outside after exhaling)
3. Poorak Kreeya (Inhaling from the nostril opposite the one exhaled from in Rechak Kreeya)
4. Aantarik Kumbhak (Blocking both nostrils and holding breath inside after inhaling)
5. Rechak Kreeya (Exhaling from the nostril opposite the one inhaled from in the Poorak Kreeya.

Repeat the entire process with the opposite nostril. Take 2-3 deep breaths to normalise your breathing. This will complete one round. Do 10-12 rounds.

● This pranayama is non-violent and can be done by anyone.
● In case of Braham and Aantarik kumbhak, block both nostrils and hold your breath inside/outside for as long as you easily can. Do not try to forcefully hold your breath for too long.
● People suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease should hold their breath only for a little while during Braham Kumbhak and Aantarik Kumbhak

For more information on pranayama, please refer to the following video: