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I feel hungry even after dinner. What should I do?

We strictly do not recommend eating or drinking anything except water after your dinner as it will interrupt the body's healing process.
A little hunger is natural as the body is conditioned to always eating food. However, as you continue on the path, you will not feel hungry after dinner.
In case you have a health problem & having a sedentary lifestyle - we recommend that you stick to eating soup for dinner. You can add some steamed vegetables to it. For example broccoli, green beans, carrots, or a little bit of sweet potato. These are filling in nature and they would prevent you from feeling hungry a little bit after dinner.
However, if you are not having any health problem and are living an active lifestyle (athlete, 4-5 hours of physical, manual work, or pregnant women) - you can add a little bit of grains in your dinner. You can add some millets or brown rice. But very little quantity of grains (70% of vegetables & 30% grains).