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How will I get protein in my diet while following the Satvic Lifestyle?

Our need for protein is easily fulfilled by plants. For grown adults, who do get limited exercise (1-2 hours everyday), protein is not required as much as we think. Most chronic diseases are caused due to an overconsumption of protein and not due to lack of it. Include sprouts in your daily diet. 30% of your salad meal should contain vegetable sprouts. Once healing is complete, you can even have daal/bean sprouts.

There are 2 moong daal recipes given in the Satvic Food Book. You can include these in your diet 2-3 times a week during the healing stage. This is wholesome and easiest to digest among all the lentils.

Coconut milk is also high on protein as are all nuts and seeds used extensively in Satvic cooking (Refer to Food Book).

We must start looking at food in terms of Prana and not in man-made terms like calcium, iron and protein. The more life a food item has, the more nourishment it will add to our bodies. Mother Nature is much smarter than us, she gives us foods as a complete packaged deal. When we follow her laws, we do not need to worry about these complicated terms. 300 years ago when no one knew about these modern terms, people were much healthier!