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My periods are delayed after following the Satvic lifestyle, what can I do?

Periods can get delayed due to 2 reasons - Lack of movement in the body due to no exercise or due to lack of heat. To regularise periods please do the following -

1. Engage in at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day where the heart rate increases. This can be jogging, strength training or swimming, followed by 30-40 minutes of Yoga. You can use this playlist for Yogasanas -

2. Have 2 soaked dates every day, 1-2 hours after your breakfast.

3. Have a ginger tea before bed. Simply boil some grated ginger and have the strained water. This will balance the lack of heat in the body.

4. For once a week fast, instead of choosing juices, choose soups instead. You can refer to the following recipes -