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Gallbladder Stone

Stones in the Gallbladder do not randomly occur. Your body is trying to tell you something. First, let’s understand the root cause of Gall Bladder stones. The root cause is wrong food & lifestyle habits (such as eating wrong types of food, eating too much food, eating at the wrong times, lack of physical exercise, lack of exposure to sunlight, lack of fresh air, etc). This damages the functioning of the Gall bladder, causing the bile to concentrate. In the course of time, solid particles are formed and they join together to form a stone.

People treat Gall Bladder stones with medicines (including lithotripsy treatment), drinking a lot of water, and in some cases with surgeries. But that’s not right, because they’re simply suppressing the symptoms, without eradicating the root cause of the problem. No medicine in the world can suppress the truth. Simply taking a pill or removing the stone will not heal your intestines or your liver or your pancreas where the problem actually exists. Nobody wants Gallbladder stones because it is known how extremely painful they can be, but for that to happen you need to correct your eating and lifestyle habits.

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