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Shouldn't breakfast be the heaviest meal of the day? Why should we do a 16 hour fast?

Breakfast does not necessarily have to be a heavy meal. Let us answer your question in points -
1. If we eat a heavy breakfast, our energy in the morning will all go into digesting our food, and therefore, while doing our work we will feel lazy, tired, and sleepy. On the other hand, if we eat something light (such as fruits), less energy will go into its digestion and more will be available for other activities.

2. Our ancestors never believed in this "Breakfast of the Champions" theory. In fact, Brahmans in the past used to fast till 12pm, and before that, they used to finish all their major chores. Students used to eat their first meal at noon, after finishing their studies, so that their energy does not get sapped in digestion.
3. In the morning, our stomach is still busy digesting the last bits of our dinner. If we eat a heavy meal in the morning, the stomach will leave digestion of dinner in between and start digesting the new breakfast that has entered, thus leaving the dinner undigested. Undigested food is the root cause of many diseases.