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I have constipation after following the Satvic lifestyle. What can I do?

To improve bowel health, please do the following -

1. Have more fibre rich juices. In the morning, do not sieve your detox juice, instead have it with the fibre. Choose green vegetables only. You can also lightly steam the vegetables for 1-2 minutes before blending them if it is cold in your area. In the evening add another juice as a mid-meal. Again, do not sieve the juice. The fibre in these blended vegetables will ensure bowel movement. 

2. Increase sunbathing time to 40 minutes to an hour. Expose your navel to the sunlight. You can also practise this yoga flow while sunbathing. This will be very beneficial to detox the gut -

3. Take enema to clear the intestines if you do not get regular movement.                        

4. Please use wet packs twice a day to get instant relief from constipation. 

Following the complete Satvic lifestyle is essential to cure chronic constipation. If you're having water poor foods without supplementing them with 3-4 times more vegetables, then it will result in constipation. 

Basic idea is to increase the quantity of water rich foods to cure constipation.