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Can we consume fruit juices during the 16 hour fasting window? Are fruit juices good?

We do not recommend consuming pure fruit juice. Fruits are sweet in nature. When they are juiced, the fiber is removed and the natural sugar gets concentrated in the juice. Fiber allows for a slow and controlled digestion of sugar. Without the fiber, the sugar enters our bloodstream too quickly, putting undue pressure on our pancreas, which have to work extra hard to process all that sugar.                        

Occasional consumption of fruit juice is fine (once a week). But, if consumed daily, the pancreas are overworked and their functioning is damaged. 


Diabetics should be extra cautious. They should not consume fruit juices.


A much better alternative is vegetable juice, as they have no, or very little natural sugar. Vegetable juices should be consumed everyday. If you want, you may add a small portion of fruit to your vegetable juice to make it tasty (for example - adding 1/2 an apple to your green juice). However, we don't recommend having pure fruit juice.