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Can we have a cheat day? What if we need to attend a party or a function where we do not have a choice?

Its a conscious choice that one has to make. It's like playing a game of snakes and ladders. You climb using healthy habits. Bad choices are like the snakes that bring you down. If you cheat, fast the next day to allow the body time to clean itself. Drink detox juices and take an enema to allow the body support to rid itself of toxins.   

Even while we cheat, some food items such as meat, eggs, milk and its product should not be had as they have a devastating impact on our minds more than our bodies. If you're trying to heal a disease, no cheating should happen for the first 3 months. Every cheat meal will pull you 5 days back from the progress you had made. 


Even when you cheat, choose the least damaging foods. Gradually, as you keep following this lifestyle, your mind will start to feel so much joy and contentment in pure Satvic foods, that you inherently won't desire cheating.