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Do we need to take medicines when practising the Satvic Lifestlye?

As we learned in the workshop, all diseases are caused due to a toxic build-up in the body. This is due to leading a lifestyle very far from Mother Nature's laws. If we give our praanshakti time to do its cleaning and healing work, there is no reason why any disease would not get cured.

Our praanshakti would need all of the raw material to repair the damages caused to the body, not by an unhealthy lifestyle but also by the damaging effects of medication. Our bodies are made of 5 elements and we would need to give our praanshakti all elements in abundance for maximum healing - Space through fasting, Air through pranayama and yoga, Fire element through sunbathing every day for 1-2 hours, water element through enema and wet packs and Earth through Satvic Food. If one is prepared to take up this responsibility, only then we would suggest taking Mother Nature's shelter.

Also, both Allopathic treatment and Nature healing cannot be done at the same time. If you choose the medical way, you should stick to what the doctor prescribes. If you choose Nature Healing, then all the steps should be followed religiously without any cheating.

Please note: People who are following the lifestyle and want to stop the medication should ask their doctor before doing so.